The working Man's Retriever



The  “Working Man’s Retriever” television program aims to educate and instruct bird hunters on how to train and hunt their own gundog. Each episode of  “The Working Man’s Retriever” will take viewers along on an actual hunt using working dogs at various stages of development. While the viewer will learn how to hunt more efficiently with a trained dog, they will also witness the most common mistakes handlers and dogs make in the field. Calling upon four decades of professional gundog training experience!

WMR Television

Working MAn's Retriever 2013 Ep 4

Problem Solving: Heeling with nose down

Working MAn's Retriever 2013 Ep 5

Teach your dog not to jump for the bird in your hand!

Very little stimulation is needed to acheive results.

This is the very beginning stages of the blind retrieve!